Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

Another lingering aspect about Mars in Libra, now that it’s had a week to settle in, is dealing with the oft-cited fear or quip that Scorpios are misunderstood or must wrestle with a deep seated loneliness of disconnect. I think Scorpio Albert Camus spoke to a whole generation of folks about this. I’ve come neither to confirm nor deny those feelings for you, but I do believe that those kinds of “truths” usually are only partially correct.  The best I can say is that you are not incorrect about being misunderstood, but perhaps that is the struggle and beauty of the human condition itself. It ain’t as personal as just being a Scorpio. We can’t sink ourselves into dark-ness because we’re misperceived. We have to struggle for the light through working for connection; that’s where we might both connect and be understood, if only for brief moments when not longer.

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