Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Of course, there are some things that you could improve with your body or your look. On the other hand, it’s also time to appreciate the things you really have under control, that you get right.  Let this spirit of gratitude and appreciation inspire you to transform whatever is “negative” around you.  The scorpion bug is known for its stinger, a catalyst that, unfortunately, brings a negative change like laying a creature up sore, or dead.  As a Scorpio human, you’re a catalyst too.  But you have the choice of being a catalyst for life and love.


#Heartstrings: Everyone talks about Scorpio’s intensity, but not enough folks talk about the sweetness that can overtake y’all every now and again.  This is one of the times when you can allow more of your sweetness to shine through and it feel genuinely appreciated.  The question, as always, is what if someone stings you while you all caught up in your sweetness with folks?  I would say, stay sweet, but find someone else who’ll appreciate your sweetness.  Sometimes y’all close the well because you don’t want to fill that one bucket with a hole in it.  See what I mean?

#MoneyMoves:  If last week you made room for more in your life, then this week is about figuring out what you want to put in those empty spaces. Keep in mind that every empty space ain’t gotta be filled, now or ever.  Every now and again, you gotta leave room for negative space, much like how we have white space on a page.  Other times, it’s a matter of living with the empty space until you find the right time or thing to fill it. Don’t be in a rush to make anything happen, but do pay attention when you feel directed to put something new in an empty space.