Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: With the planetary gust of wind in your sails from last week’s grand trine of Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Venus, you’ve got momentum on your side now. You might remember from high school physics class that momentum is mass times velocity.  So if you’ve not lightened the “mass” of work you’re doing and you want to maintain your momentum, you’re going to have to increase your velocity.  And I don’t mean speed per se. The rate at which you get stuff done this week will need an extra push from you to keep going in the charmed direction you’re going.


#Heartstrings: A mellow Scorpio is a wonder to behold, actually. It’s because the intensity is still very much there, but there’s little of the anxiety that comes along with it.  It’s like watching Scorpio P. Diddy at his coolest moments. This is the Scorpio that more people are likely to get this week. But with a Mercury retrograde it’s important to communicate when you need to change things up a bit because there’s a fine line, for you, between mellow and quietly going MIA on people. One solid way to stay positive when that happens is to suggest of a small plate of options of other things to do that would be as interesting to you as the other person.

#MoneyMoves: The new moon in your grind sign, Aries, is definitely going to be a welcome infusion of some excitement and renewal with your routines and at the job. But it’s likely to bring some surprises and unexpected changes. You’re going to have to roll with some of those punches, though you may be more inclined to think the best action will be to take a “final” stand.  Okay, if you gotta do that make all your stands before Thursday, but after that, it’s time to squash the beef and focus on better ideas than battlin’.