Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: If you imagine a stadium full of cheering, boisterous and good hearted people…but rooting for the other team, then you’ll have a pulse on what’s coming up for you this week. Let me stop you in your tracks before you start focusing on the wrong things, though. This doesn’t mean that “your team” loses. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be attacked, figuratively or literally. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t people there cheering for “your team” with you.  It means it’s time to pay attention to what’s most important for you on your side, though your eyes may be on the external: your goals, your cheering, your energy while at the same time connecting to the vibe and overall energy of the collective. If you were in that stadium, you could still be having a rocking good time even surrounded by your “enemies.”


#Heartstrings: This is one of those moments when life isn’t WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Though I suspect you think most of life isn’t WYSIWYG. This could be one of those times when it’s more WYSIWYMG (What You See Is What You Must Give). If you feel a partner is being cold, ask yourself how warm you are first.  If you feel left out, pay attention to how inviting you’ve been or how you’ve let someone in.  It doesn’t mean that you weren’t really left out or that your partner isn’t being cold.  It’s partly understanding that how you experience the good stuff starts with how you experience the good stuff WITHIN first.

#MoneyMoves: Last week, the Wesak full moon in your sign prompted you to put the spotlight on your desires. It’s now time to look at how you manifest a fraction of those desires. With the Sun conjoining with “Good Vibrations” Jupiter at the end of the week, this could bring a culmination that’s been in the works for over a year. It’s time to clarify your intentions.  (You might remember that you’ve been working on clarifying your motivations during the course of this year so far.) Intention is different from desire, because intention is a statement or act of offering, whether it’s to the cosmos, God, a person, or yourself.  You can desire something within forever, but it’s only when you intend in deed or spirit, expecting the good of it, when the embryonic stages of manifestation occur.