Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: This week features a lot of trines—easy-going, flowing energies— between planets with no big changing of planetary signs or other funny business.  That’s awesome! Overall, it looks like the cosmos is giving us a weeklong pass to get ourselves together. That might feel weird for you, Scorp, as you like to feel like you have to be on edge, just a little. Well, you’ll get some of that as I break down below. But otherwise, it’s time to chill and concentrate more on your pleasure than the pressure of living.


#Heartstrings:  The 1st quarter moon is a phase that corresponds to a crisis of action to fulfill an intention put forward the week before at the new moon.  This “crisis of action” so happens to be in your sign this month.  It doesn’t mean anything bad, but it does spell out that you have to do something that you often don’t like to do: disclose a secret or some aspect of yourself that you prefer to keep to yourself.  It would be better if you did this of your own initiative rather than have someone cajole it out of you or push you. If this sounds anything like what’s happening with Mitt Romney and his tax situation, for instance, then take note: Romney has a moon in Scorpio.  You don’t have to play the same “game” with loved ones that he’s playing though.

#MoneyMoves: When the Sun’s in Leo, he’s seated at the head of your table at the Zodiac Lounge, particularly at the career chair.  Mercury’s also copping a squat, in the same chair.  So your mind and spirit will be on making things jump off on the career front. Except in this case, the spirit is more capable than the mind. (Remember Mercury, symbolizing the mind, is retrograde for another week or so.) Keep your spirits high with detailing and writing out some of your next steps. But don’t get too attached to those ideas or make them too public. Things can and will change. But the general “spirit” of your intentions and plans will not.