Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
The new moon on Friday marks that there will be less than 3 weeks before you’re in your own season. There’s still a bunch of energy lurking beneath the surface to get out. It’s been building for weeks and it’s not ready yet to fully emerge. So it bubbles up in ways that could make you uneasy. Last week we talked about your “freakiness” that you boast about, keep under wraps or can’t relate to at all. This week it will likely surface in that legendary Scorpio relentlessness and indomitable spirit to get things done. That’s great if you’ve already prioritized things to do; awful, if you haven’t. This is where you can get in the most trouble, obsessing about people and things in your past that you want to make “pay up” in some way.  “Pay up” usually means that you want something to justify what it wasn’t rather than accepting what it was.

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