Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

The saddest aspect of modern architecture and furnishing is how much we pride ourselves on our lack of ornamentation and flourish. We come to miss so much, however, and it’s ancient civilizations like ancient Egypt who remind us. (Maybe I’m referencing them because they worshipped bulls and I can’t believe that’s an accident, you know.) We know a lot of Egypt’s ornamentation and embellishment has been lost, but even what remains was not only built at the fancy of a pharaoh (and on the backs of slaves) for nothing. They added more to their environment to imbue it with beauty and to honor those values or things that satisfied their higher principles or the “gods” themselves. This isn’t merely about sprucing things up, but adding more beauty, art and personality in what’s around you based on your highest self or vision of self. That’s where magic and majesty are. You need that now.

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