Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

#MeTime:  You know that body-cushioned by bubble-wrap feeling you get when you take some cold medicines? When I take them, my body functions, but it seems numb.  Well, your mind might feel a bit like that now.  The Sun, Mercury and Neptune all spill into your opposite sign, Pisces, this week, so this may not be the best week to make life-altering decisions without a second opinion.  But for day-to-day life, you might find some fun with all this.  You feel very “zen” and open, so it’s a great time to take in some art or a movie, especially if winter decides to wake up.


#Heartstrings: Making decisions are not likely to be your forte. So prepare for some interesting challenges. It’s the unhappy marriage between not caring at all and a genuine curiosity as to what would happen if you hung back and let someone set more of the tempo.  We know that you’re not always in control, but you’re frequently contributing to the conversation, so to speak.  This week will be about how to listen to what a dear one is saying once you’ve turned the volume way down. You may not feel inclined to turn it up because you’re seeing a different side of him or her and that might feel awesome.

#MoneyMoves: Daydreaming is actually a good thing. It’s a powerful way to rehearse performance, relieve stress, entertain new possibilities or give the mind a break from stressful or utterly boring work. Unless, of course, everything about work seems boring right now.  You want a challenge and you’re ready for the next level.  Only problem is that you have no idea what that looks like. So it’s like being grateful for your high school friends at graduation and being over them at the same time.  Anticipate the new, be sincere, and honor the parting company of once meaningful people or ideas, acknowledging that change is a part of life.