Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st] 

The ancient Egyptians saw beauty as a sign of holiness. It’s time to rediscover what’s beautiful and by so doing you’ll reclaim what’s holy in your life. Holiness doesn’t have to be anybody else’s sanctioned notion of pure or divine except your own. The upcoming eclipses, starting this week, may prompt some profound changes in how you approach this purity, beauty and an overall wholeness/holiness over the next month. I know one Virgo staffer has gotten a leg up on how to reclaim the beauty of brown skin. If you have to go deep to find beauty in your life, then be mindful to how it might materialize in your body. Spring time, along with the churning power of Neptune in your opposite sign, Pisces, could prompt a higher degree of sensitivity to your sleep cycle, your nerves or the area of the body most associated with your sign, your abdomen and intestines.

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