Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

#MeTime: Keep in mind that “what’s essential is invisible to the eye,” according to “The Little Prince” in the eponymously penned book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. With Sun sailing over the top of your chart now, you could have extra-crispy emphasis in trusting what you can see and what you can touch.  If the eye can’t discern everything, then it’s also true that you have other senses beyond the 5 physical ones, that can also discern what’s worth preserving and essential.  However, remember that what’s truly essential may be something that no sense can perceive; yet it’s known.  This might be hard for some of y’all to grasp. Yet it’s much like how you know you feel off in your body some days when there’s no apparent reason why.  You just know.


#Heartstrings: There actually can be a heightened sense of justice and responsibility you feel in being critical.  What many may not understand is that you feel like you’re being derelict in not sharing when you perceive something’s off or wrong.  (It’s also true that it’s your way of caring.) But sometimes in the moment, it sure doesn’t feel like it, just so you know.  The side-eye stare down between Mercury and Saturn could inspire you to be a lot more insistent on sticking to your budget with your fun, but keep your eye on the fun, not the sticking.  You could become responsible to a fault rather than to a fullness.

#MoneyMoves: Okay, Attila the Virgin, when I said get up to speed last week even when you’re not at 100%, I didn’t mean go into “wreck shop” mode.  All this Gemini at your career side of your table at the Zodiac Lounge has you looking like you’re attempting to make up for lost time and you are likely more efficient than you’ve been in months, perhaps even ruthless. So why doesn’t it feel good? It’s because now is the time to really figure out how to honor efficiency and the natural beauty of inefficiency as well. The Mercury-Saturn square might be inspiring you to be thorough, but it’s that cluster of Gemini & Neptune wabi-sabi deliciousness that’s thankfully keeping you softer and more pliable.