New year, new you … MAYBE.

Everybody  is quite enthusiastic to make changes at the start of a new year, but few actually stick to them come March or April. Here are five ways to separate yourself from the rest on your quest to greatness:

1. Believe it to be so.

Everything, including change, begins with a thought. You will have a hard time getting others to believe in you and your capabilities if you are doubtful of yourself. In order to make any long-lasting and fruitful moves, one must be convinced enough to do so. Understand just how powerful the mind is in shaping your reality, and you got’ve a good base to get things done.

2. Create an action plan.

I believe in the power of manifestation. The first thing you can do to become one step closer to your reality is to write down what it is you wish to achieve. Break it down into little steps, and set goal dates to achieve those steps. An action plan does not just serve as a means of manifestation, but it also acts as a road map to your achievements.

3. Remember, real “g’s” move in silence, like lasagna.

They say that if you have a plan you do not wish to achieve, then you better tell a lot of people. Why? Because they will unload all  their doubts on you, and you will remain stagnant despite having a big yet attainable dream. You also run the risk of folks confidently stealing your ideas. Either way, you believing in your capabilities is enough for now. Let the doubters doubt when you succeed.

4. Just say no to negativity.

Say yes to having an accountability partner, but say no to naysayers; your vision is not for them to buy into. Understand that people will always be doubtful, and while some may have a point, most of them will not have your best interest in mind. Keep them where they are, and hopefully, that is away from you.

5. Stay committed to never giving up.

If a dream is truly a dream, then it will stick with you forever–although you may have to reinvent  a time or 10. Once you commit to your vision coming to fruition, understand that you must be faithful to it for as long as it takes.