The coverage and all-around discussion involving the Trayvon Martin case has been a study in uncomfortable, but necessary conversations. One such incident occurred Sunday night, when CNN's Don Lemon was interviewing commentator Goldie Taylor about the social fault-lines this case has exposed. Before a commercial break, Lemon casually said, as an aside, "Please don't send me any more tweets that by having this conversation, I'm a racist." The social stream responded by saying, "Don Lemon, you are a racist. You are fixated on this one issue over and over. We want to hear the news, not your personal agenda. Go work for BET."

It seems that Black journalists who have spoken out about this situation and its implications of law in America are receiving a torrent of attacks via Twitter. Goldie Taylor even offered her own amusing Twitter exchange, saying, "I've been called the "n-word" more, collectively, over the last 72 hours than I have my whole life. It's amazing to me what people will say with the anonymity of a tweet."