Upgrading your home office is essential for achieving success and productivity while working from home. A well-designed and functional office space can improve productivity, help reduce discomfort and strain on the body, enhance air quality, and provide a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere, all of which are crucial for maintaining good mental well-being. 

EBONY asked top interior designers for tips to refresh your workspace and set up your home office for success.

Start by looking at the big picture.

"When setting up a home office workspace, I always factor in the floor plan and positioning to optimize natural light and, if there is one, the view—this can have a huge impact on your energy throughout the day and helps to avoid any pesky glares on your computer screen," says Brooke Lang, Principal Designer at Brooke Lang Design

On that note, you'll want to add lighting as needed. A desk lamp is an excellent addition for providing proper lighting, especially if you work in a dimly lit room." Warm LED lighting helps to reduce eye strain," says Lang.  

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Lume Cube
Edge Light
A perfectly balanced LED light that allows you to control your preferred light color and brightness, sparing your eyes from harsh bright spots.

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Studies have shown clearing the air in your office space can improve more than just your health—it can also boost productivity.

"When working from home where family and loved ones are present, it's important to create and control as much of your own environment as possible, so using an air purifier is perfect for keeping unwanted pollutants out and clean air in," says Kasee Smith, Havenly Lead Designer.  A good air purifier helps improve the overall air quality in your space, especially if you live in a busy city or a place with a lot of pollution. Air purifiers remove impurities and allergens from the air, making it cleaner and healthier to breathe.

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Airmega 160 Air Purifier
A compact yet powerful air purifier with a three-stage filtration system that eliminates 99.97% particulates in the air.

Price: $190

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A notebook or planner can help keep track of tasks and goals for organization and task management. It can help you stay organized, prioritize your tasks and make a schedule.

"Notebooks are abundant in my workspace because we're constantly reaching for something to write in that won't result in sticky notes all over the wall or desk," explains Smith. You don't have to sacrifice style with great designs.  

Erin Condren
Metallic Happy Leaves LifePlanner
Check out this collection of planners and notebooks by talented Black artists and gives back 35% of the net proceeds through February 28th to the nonprofit GirlTrek.

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Take your workspace to new heights and strike the perfect work-life balance with a standing desk.

"Long hours of sitting can have prolonged health risks, so standing desks are a great way to prevent fatigue, improve focus and boost your overall mood," explains Timala Stewart, Interior Designer. Opt for an adjustable standing desk which allows you to set your desk height preference and change as needed. 

et225e-800_1 copy
Pro Standing Desk (E5)
Equipped with a dual-motor lifting system to rise to the perfect height level.

Price: $510

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Desk tools such as a sleeker keyboard, ergonomic mouse, and desk mat can help prevent strain and injury.

"Investing in ergonomic desk tools can help you reduce physical strain, improve posture and increase comfort," says Stewart. Considering how much time you spend working on your computer, consider this upgrade. "Look for an ergonomic mouse that fits the natural shape of your hand to reduce wrist strain," advises Stewart.

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M170 Wireless Mouse
A new sleek mouse for easier web browsing.

Price: $15

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A scented candle or diffuser can help create a pleasant atmosphere by providing a soothing scent and can also help mask any unwanted odors in the room.

"Scent sets the mood, and in your home office, that's no different," says Toussaint Derby, Havenly Lead Designer. A pleasant smell can help to create a more comfortable and inviting work environment.

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Candela Classica Havana Candle
This hand-poured soy-blend wax candle has a long burn time of 60 hours.

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If you work from home, you have several video meetings and calls daily, so your background is super important, and art is the way to make it perfect.

"I'm suggesting that you think of wallpaper as art," explains Derby. With peel & stick wallpaper options there are many styles and designs in an array of colors and tones. 

md5_7e189caed161cba45f8346cdea9d4a9e (1) copy
Nikki Shu Signature Peel and Stick Wallpaper
A great way to make your entire space pop quickly.

Price: $50

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