Guys, what if we said you could come home every month to a tailor-made box that contained everything you needed to stay fly and well groomed, but never have the time to go out and purchase? A box of items curated personally for your taste, with your budget in mind, that arrived at your doorstep without question every month? Well, it’s possible. And it’s called Bespoke Post, a lifestyle subscription service for men only that curates monthly themed boxes just for us.

After discovering this gem, we had to share it with you. Check out all the available boxes from Bespoke Post below:

For the suit and tie fella, you’ll love the Covered Box:

What it comes with:

A garment bag by Blue Claw

Magnetic collar stays by Wurkin Stiffs

A clothing brush 

It doesn’t matter how expensive the shirt, tie or suit. If it’s wrinkled and dusty, you’re going to look bad. The Covered box supplies all of the essentials you need to guarantee you’ll always be sharp for the black tie event.

For the outdoorsy guy, you’ll appreciate the Lumberjack box:

What it comes with:

A steel hatchet by Hardcore Hammers

A leather sheath by Gotham Textile

Gun oil by Remington

Sometimes you just need to get out and explore nature. So for moments like those, you’ll need a box like this. Whether you’re chopping wood for a fire or greasing up the tools for hunting season, this box has you covered.

For the guy who loves to host at his home, get your Dash box

What it comes with: 

Make Your Own Bitters Kit by Easy and Oskey

The 12 Bottle Bar drink guide by David Solmonson

Inviting friends and family over to show off your new spot? Show them who’s best at home entertainment with all the essentials it takes to create tasty drinks. The dash box simply breaks down how to make a good drink, while supplying all the ingredients to do so.

For the artistic guy who’s always creating (in his head), cop the Frontier box: 

What it comes with:

A pocket knife by Opinel

A fountain pen by Kaweco

A bottle opener by Machine Era

A notebook by Poppin

There’s something so luxurious about having a fountain pen. Pair that opulence with a custom bottle opener for those late nights of writing, and a notebook for your genius thoughts and voilá, you’ve got the perfect set of tools for your never-ending creativity.

For the guy who forgets the important stuff when he packs, try the Notched box

What it comes with: 

A navy woven belt by Beltology

A waxed canvas flask by Jack + Mulligan

Beer-soaked soap by Red Beard Brew Bars

It’s basically a collection of the items you often forget when packing, but when remembered adds the perfect touch of masculinity to your get-up.

—Corey Chalumeau