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How to Have a Hot Match Forever

Fact: Making love to the same person year after year can get borrrrrring. And sorry, the smart answer isn’t hitting up websites that cater to serial cheaters. You have to do the work. According to studies, physical touch such as kissing and caressing are great indicators of a happy, fulfilled marriage or committed relationship. But in real life, regardless of how much you like your better half—and no matter the intensity of attraction you feel toward this individual—the frequency of sexual contact can all too easily dwindle from a storm to a drought. Looking to keep those rainy days coming? Love gurus say this feat is best accomplished when you put your relationship first.

“Couples often get too busy handling the day-to-day execution of their ‘happily ever after’ to fully enjoy it,” explains Tyomi Morgan, a sexpert and relationship coach. “I encourage them to carve out regular time to devote to their sex lives. No kids. No work. No distractions.”

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You Snooze, You Lose

Don’t sleep on getting  creative with your long-term partner. Check out Morgan’s tips on how to ensure intimacy with the same boo remains an oldie but goodie.

1. Schedule Quarterly  Staycations

Book a room at a hotel or bed-and-breakfast no more than an hour away from home. Before each trip, talk to your partner and determine what new sexual curiosity you both want to try. Bring magazines, books or videos to help guide the experimentation. Be sure to take turns sharing interests.

2. Try Sex  Furniture

Check out companies such as Liberator ( for wedges, pillows and other pieces that help improve sexual positioning—which can lead to more (and better) orgasms.

Read more in the November 2015 issue of EBONY Magazine. 

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