The virtual reality landscape has become increasingly more tangible for people of color to find themselves immersed in. Many believe that in the metaverse there will be ample opportunties to create a communal space of equity and inclusion that is missing in the real world.

New methods of innovation to connect with one another can help us celebrate our differences and identities. With this in mind, Meta has released a new culture series called PRIDE Unbound which speaks to utilizing the new technology at our disposable to create a sustainable future for us all.

In the inaugural video, LGBTQ+ leaders Law Roach, Leiomy, Tess Holliday, Renee Montgomery, and Dr. David Johns iniate a dialogue about curating safety and equity within communities.

As an additional part of the Metaverse Culture Series: PRIDE Unbound experience, grassroots LGBTQ+ creators built Dream House in Horizon Worlds, an immersive VR world that’s inspired by the heart of drag ballroom ballroom culture, featuring abstract sculptures and sunset hues in a digital meditative environment, that you can access through Quest 2 headsets. 

Historically, ballroom culture has been a safe haven for Black and Brown individuals and has provided a solid blueprint for a community that positively uplifts its members. Through varying methods of support, Meta's new virtual world established a cohesive structure for achieving this.

"Upon entry, you can participate in a "Grand March," where movement is celebrated on the runway. Once you walk the runway, you descend into an ambient space with mind-bending architecture. The depth-defying structure is equal parts intimate and vast with minimalistic design, intended to be a creative blank slate to inspire all who enter to dream and connect."

Check out the first episode below: