WHO Sets Attention on New 'Mu' COVID Variant

A new COVID variant called "mu" has attracted the attention of the World Health Organization. According to CNBC, the variant has mutations that could potentially evade immunity provided by prior COVID-19 infections or vaccines against the virus. Further research on the variant is required to determine if it is more contagious or deadly than previous variants.

CDC Warns Unvaccinated People to Avoid Labor Day Travel

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising the unvaccinated to avoid traveling during Labor Day weekend, CNN reports. As for those who are vaccinated, CDC Director Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky urged that they, too, consider the risks and take precaution when making travel plans.

'The Game' Reboot to Premiere in November

The third reincarnation of sports-centered dramedy The Game will premiere on Paramount+ this November, Deadline reports. The return of the series will include its original stars Wendy Racquel Robinson, Pooch Hall, Brittney Daniel, and Hosea Chanchez. Vaughn Hebron and Adriyan Rae are newcomers to the cast. This time around, the storyline it set in Las Vegas.

'One in a Million' Reaches No. 1 25 Years After Release

Less than two weeks after Aaliyah's music was released to streaming platforms, the late singer's iconic album, One in a Million, has reached number one on the Billboard charts, according to Vibe. Blackground Records took to Instagram this week to celebrate the milestone, writing: "For the first time ever, 25 years after its release, Aaliyah’s One In A Million made the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 Chart this week! Thank you to all of Aaliyah’s fans, both old and new, for the support."