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Cool Flicks! The Black 2012 Summer Movie Guide

The official summer film season starts the first weekend of May, so what better time to give you a taste of want to expect this year!  From Rihanna's debut in Battleship, to Whitney's last movie appearance in Sparkle to Jada Pinkett Smith's return as the sassy Hippo in Madagascar 3, what more could we ask

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Filmmakers Explore Prejudice Toward Dark-Skinned Women Within Black Community

It’s rare when a documentary, particularly an African American one, sets off an avalanche of attention before the project is even released. Dark Girls has been an exception and for good reason. The film, still a work in progress, takes a look at the damaging affects of how far too many African-Americans uplift and desire

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Unknown Black 9/11 Marine Rescuer Still Helping A Decade Later

Growing up, Jason Thomas recalls his mother always telling him, his nine brothers and six sisters, “You are your brothers’ keeper. Never leave your brother behind.” When Thomas joined the U.S. Marine Corps, the sergeant learned, “Never leave your brother on the battlefield.” So when Thomas learned of the attacks on the World Trade Center

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Catching Up With Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames is always kicking someone’s- or something’s- ass. That’s why we like him.  He’s also been the face of Stacy Adams, and we all know that a grown man in an apricot suit is nothing to be trifled with. This Christmas, Rhames can be seen in the fourth Mission: Impossible movie, along with Tom

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Film Review: Nelson George Discusses “Pariah” and Other Black-Directed Films

The new film “Pariah” by breakthrough director, Dee Rees is receiving a lot of attention, specifically by cultural critic/filmmaker Nelson George. In a piece for The New York Times, George praises the film’s portrayal of a Black teenaged lesbian coming to terms with her identity against the backdrop of New York City life. Rees is