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Black History from the Pages of EBONY: African-Americans in the Era of Black Lives Matter

In the era of Black Lives Matter, as it had in the past, when events relevant to African-Americans and their allies unfolded, EBONY brought the discussion to its readers.

President Obama Pushes For People to Sign up for Health insurance

Obama Makes Push For People to Sign up for Health Insurance

Budget cuts by the Trump administration could decrease enrollment numbers this year.

How Obamacare Can Assist Small Businesses

President Donald Trump might have purposely ousted the Affordable Care Act out of the spotlight, but the…

Affordable Care Act

Senate’s ‘Secret’ Health Care Bill Cuts Medicaid, Eliminates Taxes for Wealthy

The Senate has finally released its “secret” health care bill, and it isn’t pretty. The…

Affordable Care Act

Black Lawmakers Not Here for GOP’s Nonsense ACA Repeal Attempt

The Republicans are going after the Affordable Care Act again, even after poll after poll…

Affordable Care Act

White House Fails to Get Votes to Repeal Affordable Care Act

In a day where they had hoped to declare a victory in their plan to…

GOP Reveals Healthcare Plan to Replace Obamacare

Well it looks like the GOP has finally unveiled a healthcare plan meant to dismantle…


[YOU SHOULD KNOW] The Senate Affordable Care Act Repeal Vote

While America was sleeping, the GOP was hard at work trying to dismantle the signature…

I Let My Health Go to Keep My Job – Then I Lost Both

I was like most young people that I know; I wanted to earn a steady,…

Life Expectancy

Why Repealing Obamacare Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

Six years ago, President Barack Obama achieved one of the greatest feats in political history…