Kamala Harris

Let Our Nation Begin To Heal
Vice President Kamala Harris is here

Today history was made. The first Black female Vice President was sworn into office. As…

Inspired by Kamala Harris; Immigrant Women Step Up to Help Others.

In 2017, when President Trump signed an executive order barring travel from seven Muslimmajority nations,…

Talking Politics and Black America: EBONY Exclusive with Sen. Kamala Harris

On the eve of the second 2020 Democratic debate, we are revisiting this cover story interview with Sen. Kamala Harris. Sen. Kamala Harris may increasingly look like a presidential hopeful, but it’s the preparation of Sunday family dinners that helps the popular politician find her true center

The Policies & Candidates on Black Women’s Minds for 2020

“We are, as we always have been, in the forefront, but very few times are our issues spoken to directly.”

Kamala Harris Interrupted by Protester During Remarks at MoveOn Forum

Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) was interrupted by a man described as an animal rights activist at a political event on Saturday. During her remarks at a MoveOn forum, the man jumped on stage and snatched a microphone out of the presidential candidate’s hand.

Sen. Kamala Harris to Announce Black Maternal Health Bill

Sen. Kamala Harris Announces Black Maternal Health Bill

“Black mothers across the country are facing a health crisis that is driven in part by implicit bias in our healthcare system,” the senator said.