Committing to social impact is more than a fad for Sabrina and Idris Elba, it's a lifestyle. Beyond the couple's aspirational relationship, they are revered for their genuine concern for the human condition and bettering the lives of others all over the world. As the progeny of African immigrants, the Elbas consciously leave a positive imprint that will generate significant changes for future generations. This dedication and shared cultural lineage impacts their daily work and the initiatives they devote their time to. They have met with world leaders like France's President Emmanuel Macron to advocate for Africa, visited in person with those working to problem-solve some of the world's biggest issues, and have used their notoriety to develop their own outlets to initiate change.

Here are some charitable actions that Sabrina and Idris Elba have executed that better the lives of people on the continent and beyond.

UN Goodwill Ambassadors for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

The Elbas understand how crises like war, extreme climate change and famine destabilize communities and severely impact the economic condition of entire regions. As ambassadors of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the couple advocate for the investment of billions of dollars into agricultural initiatives that benefit farmers across African countries. By doing so, they also play a part in building a sustainable food system that caters to the needs of the farmers and consumers. This ambassadorship also allowed for them to speak up on behalf of rural African communities who needed support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

S’Able Labs

Through the couple's joint lifestyle venture S'Able Labs, intentional relationships are built to activate systems with socially responsible practices. Under this "well-being brand for all beings," the duo invest in initiatives centered on society's welfare through multiple mediums, such as their skincare line. A specific highlight of their skincare function is the Elbas' unique position to be direct liaisons with smallholder farmers to build ethical and mutually beneficial business partnerships. Aside from this, S'Able Labs also supports dialogue about healthy relationships through the duos' podcast Coupledom. Each episode explores the importance of human connection and authentic experiences about learning how to build a partnership. Guests of the show have included a diverse selection of couples from EBONY 2022 Power 100 Dynamic Duos awardees Tommy and Codie Elaine Oliver, creators of OWN's Black Love series, to the mother-daughter duo of Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Beyond these projects, the 2022 EBONY Beauty & Grooming Award-winning brand is a refreshing addition to the wellness industry that is rooted in its commitment to social good.

Charity Shoe Collection With Christian Louboutin

Not only do Idris and Sabrina promote the ideals of communal uplift, they also believe that fashion can be a platform to do so as well. In conjunction with luxury designer Christian Louboutin, the couple released Walk a Mile in My Shoes, a collaborative collection that promotes social equity through the sale of vibrant footwear. In the first season alone, the collection raised over €1 million which was given to multiple humanitarian aid charities including Gathering for Justice, BeRose, Purposeful, Immediate Theater and Somali Hope Foundation.

The Prince's Trust Goodwill Ambassador

Before becoming an internationally successful actor, Idris Elba, in his youth, was the recipient of a £1,500 grant from the Prince's Trust. The Prince's Trust funds various opportunities and programs for young people to improve their lives. The grant allowed Idris to train under the National Youth Music Theatre and elevate his lived experience. Paying it forward, Idris continues to be closely aligned with the organization and gives his time to help promote awareness of issues that disenfranchise young people.

Mothers2Mothers Ambassador

Sabrina Elba is dedicated to amplifying the voices of young women and girls from African countries. As an ambassador for Mothers2Mothers—an initiative that employs women in African nations who have been diagnosed with HIV—she is able to utilize her platform to champion these individuals and bring them life-affirming care and resources.