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The Gap Between Black & White Understanding of LGBTs

The author shares the moment he realized people who were not like him with regard to their sexuality were just like him in other ways and why their acceptance in the Black community is so important in this thought-provoking reposted March 2016 article.

Morehouse Colleges Turns To Indiegogo For Fundraising Campaign

Morehouse College to Admit Transgender Men Starting Next Year

The HBCU will consider all applicants who live and identify as men, regardless of their biological gender. This article was originally published in April 2019.

Janelle Monáe & 10 Proud LGBTQ Celebrities of Color

Southern songstress Janelle Monáe recently clarified rumors surrounding her sexuality, revealing that she is pansexual,…

Los Angeles Intersection Named After Black LGBT Icon

Los Angeles Intersection Named After Black LGBT Icon

An intersection in Los Angeles’ Jefferson Park neighborhood now bears the name of revered LGBT…

Alabama Teen Commits Suicide After Anti-Gay Bullying

The 15-year-old Alabama student took his life after suffering anti-gay bullying on his High School campus.

Robyn Crawford Details Relationship With Whitney Houston in New Book

Robyn Crawford is clearing the air on her much talked-about relationship with deceased icon and best friend, Whitney Houston.

Janelle Monáe Talks Sexuality & The Baptist Church

“I leaned into the idea that if my own church won’t accept me, I’m gonna create my own church.”

Killer Mike Hosts ‘Martell Home Live’ With Big Freedia, Princess Nokia & More

Last night, Martell Cognac celebrated the world premiere of Maison Martell’s new interactive talk show,…

Eris Baker Hopes Fans ‘Embrace Love’ After Tess Comes Out on ‘This Is Us’

Eris Baker Hopes Fans ‘Embrace Love’ After Tess Comes Out on ‘This Is Us’

Eris Baker sat down with EBONY to discuss her character, Tess, coming out to her parents this season on NBC’s ‘This Is Us.’

Robin Roberts Calls Jussie Smollett Interview a ‘No-Win Situation’

‘As a journalist, as a newsperson, this is newsworthy, he’s going to go on record for the first time, yes I’ll do the interview.’